We understand from a first-hand perspective the overwhelming stresses that are introduced in high school, from peer pressures and balancing personal/school lives to the anxieties of applying to and getting accepted into college. Private Las Vegas Tutors can help students stay on task by teaching skills in stress management, organizing priorities, and staying on task. Our tutors offer support in all basic subjects in addition to AP courses, ACT/SAT test preparation, financial aid applications, and the collegiate application process.

Academic Support

Our individually designed programs can help your child succeed in every high school class. Whether your child is experiencing barriers in a particular subject area or simply needs help with time management while balancing difficult coursework, we are on your side. We offer academic support for the courses below:

Pre Algebra
Algebra I/II
World History
US History

Success Beyond High School

High school serves as a type of training ground for maturing into responsible adults. Our tutors not only help young adults to establish healthy time management and organizational skills and strong study habits, but also to prepare for college and the “real world.”

We understand that choosing appropriate colleges to apply for is a trivial task. We also acknowledge that only a small amount of high school students actually knows what they want to study in college and do for a career upon graduation. Our tutors closely work with each student to identify their strengths and innate talents to help determine the best-fit degree programs and prospective careers. Private Las Vegas Tutors will also assist in applying for financial aid and looking for scholarships.