K thru 6th Grade Private Tutorial

How your elementary school child benefits—whether behind or ahead in mathematics

Why? Elementary school is critical for a child to establish a solid educational foundation. Having a private tutor will help your child gain an understanding of key concepts needed to master these fundamental principles. We provide motivation through positive reinforcement and praise to students whether they are excelling in their studies or not. Providing this type of positive reinforcement allows students to operate at their full potential.

If your child already excels academically, having a private tutor will challenge them by taking your child to new heights. Our private tutors will encourage your child to learn new concepts that they ordinarily would not be exposed to at their grade level. This will allow your child to work at a level that will prepare them for advanced placement courses in Middle School and High School.

Private Las Vegas Tutors will also assist you with getting your child into a private school. We can assist by filling out the State of Nevada’s Educational Savings Account (ESA) application on your behalf. This account will pay up to $3500 for you to take your child out of public school and place them in a private school. If you qualify, your child will be eligible to attend the private school of their choice. The private schools tuition will be paid by the voucher you receive from the State of Nevada. You can also use those funds to pay for private tutoring lessons for your son or daughter